Boomers, Millennials, X, and Z. 
Are you capitalizing on the wealth of diversity they bring and the strengths each one has to offer?






True innovation demands diversity. In what ways are you building on the most diverse generational workforce in history? Boomers feel under appreciated for all the hard work they have done and the experience they have gained. Millennials bring a new version of innovation and creativity to the table and want their voices to be heard.  Gen X feels caught in the middle, adapting and working to be flexible to keep everyone moving forward. Gen Z is just arriving. Dr. Katherine Jeffery, generational expert, will help your team understand their differences and work to be a team with purpose. Being a Gen Xer who has worked for over 20 years with the Millennial generation, she is able to help each generation grasp the changes that have occurred in the workplace and learn to navigate a new way forward. 


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Generations in the Workforce:

Traditionalists, Boomers, X, Y, and Z. What defines your generation?

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Katherine did her dissertation research on the Millennial generation and their views of leadership and teams. Find out what she learned.

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Services range from keynote speaker to developing a custom training. In every offering, generational biases will rise to the surface and people will be able to see their colleagues with new eyes.

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Weekly Dispatches

Join Katherine on the Generational Shift as she shares about the situations and conversations one can only have as a generational expert. You will laugh and you may cry but you will learn how to navigate a better way forward.

"Katherine's researcher’s mind, firsthand observations and anecdotal stories bring generational and behavioral science to life."                   
                          -Chuck Thomas, President, The VALCORT group