"Katherine Jeffery has a unique spin on the world.  She has an unusual ability to connect social research data points, uncovering 'the why' people make the decisions they make. Her researcher’s mind, first hand observations and anecdotal stories bring generational and behavioral science to life.  I’ve found her insight stimulating and her presentations interactive, humorous, and provocative.  As a leader of teams and strategic planning, I rely on her to bring solid insight and understanding to the table that can foster long term, strategic success.  If you're responsible for strategic planning or just wanting to peer into the future, Katherine can open a window and give you a glimpse."     
                                         -Chuck Thomas   President/Managing Director, The Valcort Group/Outside7

"The content was engaging, interesting and most importantly, practical.  Our team walked away with practical skills they could use immediately which is so important in our context."   
                                        -Noah Adair    Manager, Center of Excellence, Dover Corporation

"Katherine did a terrific job moderating the Multi-generations in the Workforce Panel. She had just the right touch. Its more than clear that she knows this space and put a lot of time and thought into the session and it showed."
                                       -Harry Haney   Associate Director, Supply and Value Chain Center, Loyola University

"I met Katherine in the prime of my millennial years. She was the first person who saw my potential even before I understood it. She patiently mentored me and saw potential in all of the students she worked with. She has a way of understanding what we needed to hear and put the time into helping us see what we could accomplish in our lives. I am forever grateful for her positivity, patience, and genuine outlook on how our generation could change the world."
                                         -Lindsey Dovichi    Director of Social Media, MADE BY FREE WOMEN