Better understanding the generational shift can only improve your workplace. How can Katherine help you build a culture that closes the generational gaps and offers a smooth leadership transition?

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More than a presentation, Katherine will guide your team through an experience helping them understand more of who they are and how the lens they view other generations through can get in the way of a productive and positive workplace. Participants will leave with a fresh understanding of :

  • their own generation

  • the tensions that exist between the generations

  • how to communicate across the generations

  • applicable ideas to not only build bridges but to make smooth leadership transitions

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Being an adaptable Gen Xer, Katherine  can work with your executive team to establish new approaches to “the way things have always been done.” She is a transformational coach that will help your employees navigate a better future for themselves and the workplace. She is also passionate about developing leaders and offers many options for growing your Millennial workforce into their full potential. Katherine is intuitive and has done her research. She is ready to help as needed.

Katherine is also a certified “Enneagram in Business” trainer. She believes the Enneagram is one of the most powerful tools for personal development and is an essential component to growing an innovative team that creates psychological safety enabling everyone to perform at their highest level.

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Working with your organization to tailor programs, trainings, leadership development, or a cultural assessment, Katherine will ensure you make it through this generational shift with ease and sophistication.